About Botany Besties

Hello! We are the Botany Besties, a Tompkins County 4-H Club in New York. We will learn all about plants and have fun through workshops, field trips, experiments and community service projects, all while meeting and making new friends!

Members of the Botany Besties Club were asked to share some of their goals of what they wanted to learn. Many of the answers talked about learning more in depth, doing experiments, and understanding how things work, while others talked a lot about community service. In this club, we tried to incorporate all of these ideas. In addition to having members answer, one of the future Co-Leaders shared some goals about what they would like the members to take away with them into the future. They wanted to help kids manage their world better by giving them a safe place to learn, discover, and meet new friends. They hoped to offer the members a way to think about their world as a livable and kind place. They also wanted the Club members to have the power to mold and improve the world they live in. They hoped to strengthen the member's spirits in becoming more confident leaders, feeling good about who they are, and offering the members hope of a bright and beautiful future.


Special thanks to the Tompkins County Cornell Cooperative Extension, especially Joann Gruttadario, for assisting in the Club formation process. Thank you also to all of the first members who made the formation of this club possible!

And thank you for visiting!

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